Research is a very important process and function in any given institution. It enables the institution to interact with all their stakeholders and come up with proper systems to communicate the organizations’ visions and brand to the stakeholders in relation to the needs sourced from the market by the research conducted. We at Skyline Public Relations have an experienced research team that will cater for all your research needs and conduct adequate research best suited for your organization and the project at hand,

Starting a business

When starting a business research is required to determine your target market, the competition in that targeted market, the brand of your business and how to properly brand yourself so as to attract customers to your product and services thus increasing the sales of your business. Skyline Public Relations are ready and willing to start with you your journey in the business sector.

Launching a new service or product

Launching a new product or service has almost similar hustles as starting a new business. We at Skyline Public Relations will hold your hand and guide you on the right processes to undertake to ensure that your business and product accrue huge public awareness and sales through proper market positioning of your products and or services after carrying out an intensive research into your product, target market and competing products in the market to name but a few.

Struggling business

Struggling businesses are very common and are mostly caused by failure of properly communicating the organization’s visions to the stakeholders and lack of proper understanding of the target market for proper market positioning in order to boost sales. Skyline Public Relations conducts research to find out why a business is not thriving and come up with solutions to better improve its position in the market. We also realign your organization’s vision to carter for the market needs thus rebranding the entire organization. We also come up with systems to be used for communicating the brand and advice on the systems to use to manage and maintain the new brand.


The vision of your organization must always resonate with all the stakeholders. When crafting the vision statement of an institution, research should be conducted to determine who the stakeholders are and what would make all the stakeholders believe in your institution, product and services and its course. The vision statement goes a long way in branding your institution and communicating you brand identity and reputation to the stakeholders. We at Skyline public Relations are ready to help institutions achieve their visions and properly formulate brand for themselves and communicate these brand identities to the stakeholders and ensure that the brand reputation is properly managed and maintained.